Biometric (CEMAC) Cameroon passport 

Important Information

The High Commissioner in London was here at this Copenhagen Consulate in December 2009

together with President H.E.Paul BIYA in connection with the COP 15-Conference.



We discussed the situation regarding the new Cameroonian Biometric (CEMAC) passports.


This consulate was authorised to inform Cameroonians that

old passports are valid until they expire – even after future prolongations.


The procedure to obtain the new type passport is very complicated.


The only problem with the old passport is that it can not be used for entering USA.


Our advice to Cameroonians:


Keep your old passport and prolong it when it expires.

Keep it together with your new biometric passport when you obtain that.


Biometric passports are complicated. Difficult to obtain.

No children. Children must have their own passport.

Valid for 5 years only. Can not be prolonged.

New biometric passport can not be obtained until

max. 6 months prior to the previous one expires.


How to get Biometric/CEMAC passport

Below is country-specific information on how to apply and get a biometric/CEMAC passport.

Click on the country to get more information:


1. Cameroonians living in The Kingdom of Denmark

2. Cameroonians living in The Republic of Finland
3. Cameroonians living in The Kingdom of Norway
4. Cameroonians living in The Kingdom of Sweden