Prolongation of old-type Cameroon passport

Valid from 1 October 2014




For prolongation of your Cameroonian old-type passport
we require you to send us the following - preferably by registered mail:


1.: Passport (must have an open page for prolongation)
     The new biometric passport (CEMAC) cannot be prolonged


2.: Copy of payment receipt if made by bank transfer - see below


3.: Envelope with return address if passport has to be returned by mail:


     In Denmark: Stamped with appropriate stamps for registered mail 

     Outside Denmark: Transfer DKK 200 or 30 EURO together with below fee
     to cover return postage, bank charges and handling

     Reply coupons are not accepted


4.: FEE 900 DKK or 130 EURO as determined by The Embassy of Cameroon in London
     To be paid in cheque or cash - or transferred to Jyske Bank: SWIFT code
     JYBADKKK - acc. no. 5020-1100869. IBAN-code: DK07 5020 0001100869


Normal Turnaround Time: 1-3 days plus 2 times in mail


Urgent: Upon appointment only: Prolongation will be issued immediately

             at the time agreed upon. Extra fee 400 DKK or 60 EURO


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the consul